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Yummi77 1) Many companies have tried and failed at online gr

    Yummi77 1) Many companies have tried and failed at online grocery ordering and delivery. Is there grounds to think Yummi will fare more favorably. Why? 2) Yummi’s approach is more aggressive than prior attempts by others. Consider rapid deliveries, short delivery windows, and perishable merchandise. Do these features increase or decrease Yummi77’s chances of success? 3) The case offers two operational models for Yummi77: the original delivery stations and subsequent neighborhood stores. Is there room for further improvement in the company’s approach? How? Please answer these questions (and any other issuesyou wish to consider) as part of your report, providing detailed analysisand/or discussion. Be as specific as appropriate,but be careful of unsubstantiated decisions or sweeping generalizations. Keycriteria for evaluation are the logic, application of concepts, and depth ofthought in arriving at the decisions. Be concise (2- 3 pages of single-spacedtext, with up to 3 additional pages for tables or figures. 1 “ margins, 12point font). For sake of brevity, do notprovide a review of the case at the beginning of the case analysis.

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