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youwill be arguing one of two court cases. To do that you ne

    youwill be arguing one of two court cases. To do that you need to answerthe following 4 questions. Make your answers to each question its own paragraph so I know where you began and ended your answer. Check the rubric for details on how I will grade.Here are your questions: 1. After reading one of the two court cases write, five, specific issues whose answer will allow you to make a decision if you are for or against the claim.2. Select three of the issues and rewrite each of them into a contention. You will then have a total of three contentions. 3. State your position on the claim. How do you word your position of the argument If you are the pro side or the con side?4. Prove all three of your contentionsusing evidence and reasoning that you gathered from the court case.Feel free to add any additional information you would like that couldprove your contentions. Remember, I will take off points for terms like ‘I think’ or ‘I feel.’ You need to prove your contentions not just ‘believe’ in them.When you cite ‘witnesses’ make sure to quote them exactly. Don’t just summarize their thoughts.

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