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Youmust write one discussion and two replies

    Youmust write one discussion and two replies, I will post my classmates’sdiscussions, you can according to their discussion, write two repliesrespectively. The discussion should write about 300 words, and eachreply should write 200 words. Do not write more than the words. Accordingto the problem, you can choose a common thing. And you can also have aconsult about the discussion I posted. But do not copy, Express moreyour own opinions.Tipsfor success: Remember to choose a problem that is not too broad, toospeculative, or too complicated. However, you can focus on a difficultor challenging problem. Consider focusing on a local problem. Choosesomething that is significant or meaningful to you–perhaps somethingthat relates to your major, your profession, your current job, yourcommunity, or your extra-curricular or volunteer activities.

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