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You have been tasked with preparing a brief analysis

    You have been tasked with preparing a brief analysis of a country for potential business expansion. This analysis will take the form of a three-page paper, typed and double-spaced. Your employer, which provides software consulting services, is concerned about the potential issues that may affect the success of the venture as well as decisions as to the most effective management and staffing strategies for this venture.

    You need to select one of the following countries for your analysis: UkraineFinland Iceland Venezuela Panama SouthAfrica Nigeria Qatar Israel Vietnam Indonesia Pakistan You have been asked to focus your analysis on the following questions: What is the basic economic system of the country and what are some of the key considerations that will that affect plans for entry?

    What is the social system of the country and what does it mean for hiring and staffing policies such as working conditions, labour unions, and healthcare? What is the political system of the country and how will that affect entry plans and the organization? Based on 1-3 would a centralized or decentralized organizational strategy be most effective for this new venture, and why? Based on 1-3 would an ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric staffing strategy be most effective, and why?

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