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You will write your own Tragedy! Using Aristotle’s formula f

    You will write your own Tragedy! Using Aristotle’s formula for a tragedy, incorporate all the elements of a tragedy into your own 2-3 page modern drama. Use the checklist below to make sure you have all the elements: Tragic hero (person of greatness)Hamartia (tragic flaw) Epiphany (realization by the tragic hero of hisher flaw and impending downfall) Downfall (experienced by tragic hero as a change in fortune from good to bad) Catharsis (pity and fear experienced by the reader) Your tragedy has a distinct purpose for the reader like Macbeth does. Tragedy RubricPurpose is clear to the reader Includes all elements of a tragedy including being written as a play. (Which means that you have to write the name of the character and write his speech next to it)Creativity Uses proper language mechanics and appropriate diction

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