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You will participate as explorer on a quest to learn about N

    You will participate as explorer on a quest to learn about NEO and On-boarding.  As an explorer, you will search for information about the practices utilized for NEO and On-boarding programs.  You will discover the ways these programs can be developed, the barriers involved with effective design and successful implementation, and how to overcome these barriers. The culmination of your Learning Quest will be an 8-10 page APA formatted paper (including the cover page, table of contents, and reference page).  The assigned readings for this module consist of websites that will inform your understanding of the topic NEO and On-boarding programs.  You will supplement these readings by utilizing databases and search engines in the CSU-Global Campus On-line Library in order to explore specific research questions.  Be sure to search for and utilize a minimum of four journal articles, which present research findings that inform the questions you are exploring. Students will explore the following questions regarding new hire orientation and on-boarding programs: How are New Employee Orientation (NEO) and On-boarding defined?  Why should organizations utilize these programs?What are effective, and ineffective, practices for orienting and socializing new employees?  What are the intended outcomes of NEO and On-boarding programs?What approaches can be used to develop and implement NEO and On-boarding programs?  What are potential barriers to effective design and successful implementation; and how can the barriers be overcome?The outcome of this assignment will be a paper with four sections:IntroductionExploration QuestionsJournal Article ReviewConclusions (including your own reflective comments on the topic)This template should be used when writing your paper: Exploration Paper Template

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