You will be responsible for exploring one of these company’s news releases: Panera Bread, Burger King, Dominos Pizza, The Hershey Company, The Kellogg Company, Subway, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts

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Go to your assigned website and visit each company’s “press room” to review ONE product-oriented news release. Sometimes the links are on the top of the page and sometimes on the bottom.

Write a one page memo about the content, subject matter, and format of the news releases you find. Use the Tips for Success from the book to see how these brands executed this news releases. In addition, critically review the boilerplate and make two suggestions for improvements. The basic structure for this assignment should include a standard memo heading, a brief summary of the news release, a few short paragraphs of analysis on execution and a final paragraph on improvements to the boilerplate. Use bold, italic, tables, bulleted lists if appropriate (not required).


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