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You just follow the instruction below and write out the spee

    You just follow the instruction below and write out the speech and I” ll record and upload the speech. Demonstration Speech This is one of my favorite assignments! The nature of the demonstration speech is to show the audience how to do something. You’ll want to be more creative for this presentation, as visual aids will add tremendous value to your delivery. Perhaps you can have someone record your activity, and then you place your narration over the top of the video. Perhaps it’s something that you can show us with pictures or screenshots while you describe what we’re seeing. Nonetheless, there are quite a few ways to get it done!

    One of the best Demonstration Speeches I’ve seen was from a student who demonstrated in 7 minutes how to secure your wireless server. This may seem like familiar territory to all of us, but there’s an enormous population in this country who have NO idea how to do this. Make sure you choose something as simple as securing one’s wireless, but interesting enough that not everyone will know how. The idea is not to do something trivial and simple, but rather to do something interesting and useful! Other ideas include how to cook something (spaghetti is one of my favorites!) or even how to change the oil in your vehicle.

    What can you do that you could show others how to do? Remember to have good camera positioning while demonstrating. It’s important that I can see you demonstrating (that means I need to see from your waist up). Don’t have the camera positioned down for ‘close-ups’ on how to do something, I need to see you. Just describe what you’re doing and that will be fine. For this speech, it’s important to show yourself demonstrating something however while you do that you can also show other visual aids such as photos, etc.A few parameters: Your speech much is between 5-10 minutes in length.

    Please use visuals – at least 3. We need to be able to see what you are describing to us. Be sure to have an introduction. Tell us who you are, what you’re planning to demonstrate, and why you feel qualified to teach all of us to do this ‘thing.’ It is critical when addressing the masses that you establish credibility – ‘Hi, I am Erik Arroyo. I completed my MBA online and have been teaching virtual classes for three years. Today I’d like to share some best practices about online learning with you.’ You can get the feel just from the first couple of sentences that I’ve introduced myself, my qualifications, and my topic.

    This helps establish credibility with your audience, removing any doubt as to your expertise. Organize the body of the speech, and stick to your outline. Stay focused and remember – too much detail can sound like rambling! Conclude by showing us the completed product and encouraging the audience to give it a try. Remind us of the process briefly and avoid leaving us hanging. ‘Thank you for watching serves a great purpose in Demonstration Speeches.

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