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You havedecided to buy the scheduling tool. In addition to p

    You havedecided to buy the scheduling tool. In addition to purchasing thesoftware, you need to procure additional goods and services to implementand deploy the tool. Specifically, you will need to do the following: Hire technicians to install and configure the software for your environment.Hire a training entity to teach the student PMs the mechanics of using the new tool.Buy a new server and software to run the tool and house the project database.Hiretool usage experts to transfer knowledge to the student PMs about theuse of the tool on the job for the first 60 days after going live.Plan for the removal and disposal of the scheduling tool software and hardware that are no longer to be used.Yourmanager has scheduled an afternoon meeting with you to discuss yourstrategic plan to procure these different goods and services.Examples of the contract types include the following:Firm fixed priceFixed price with targetsFixed price at costTime and materialsCost sharingCost plusAssignment GuidelinesIn 7-10 PowerPoint slides, address the following for each of the five bulleted items listed in the assignment description:What strategy will you use to procure this product or service?Why did you select this strategy? Explain.Were all of the other options inadequate, or was it a difficult selection? Explain why.What barriers will need to be overcome when implementing the selected procurement strategy? Why?How do you plan to overcome these barriers?Compileyour responses to the above information listed in the assignmentdescription into a PowerPoint presentation of 7–10 slides.Each slide should contain 150 words of speaker’s notes.Include additional slides for your title and reference slides.Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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