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you have to get access to a book called breadgivers for th

    you have to get access to a book called ‘breadgivers’ for this essay.  Amazon has a ‘kindle’ version of the book for $7, do you use Would you like to take this essay? HISTORY 7 (Wednesday) – Fall 2014 – CRITICAL BOOK ANALYSIS PAPER OPTION A: BREADGIVERS+++DUE VIA TURNITIN LINK ON BLACKBOARD NO LATER THAN THE START OF CLASS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2014.  YOU MUST ALSO SUBMIT A PRINTED COPY OF YOUR PAPER AT THE START OF CLASS ON THE DUE DATE+++Cover Page: (this is NOT included in the 8 FULL PAGE minimum!) – I do not want this information anywhere else but on the cover page of your paper!Your NameClass Name/NumberTitle of your paperRequirements:MUST BE IN ESSAY FORMAT; EIGHTS (8) FULL PAGE MINIMUM.  Failure to comply with the 8 full page minimum requirement will result in a lower grade. If your paper is less than half the required minimum (4 pages or less), your paper will receive an automatic grade of  0/F!Essay must be typed, double-spaced only throughout the paper.  No “creative” spacing will be accepted.  To begin a new paragraph, simply indent.Font Size – NO LARGER THAN 12 Point (**this is an example of 12 point/Times New Roman font**).Citations – you MUST use an acceptable format for citing sources; i.e., APA, MLA, footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical are ALL acceptable. Failure to cite sources of information used in your paper is plagiarism, which is unacceptable, and will significantly lower your grade and could result in a grade of “O/F”!  All work submitted must be your original work!Sources – Cite all sources used, including Breadgivers,  in a “Works Cited” page.  The “Works Cited” page is NOT included in the 8 full page minimum.Maintain consistency throughout your paper; i.e., use the same font and size throughout.  The same is true for citation style.  If you use footnotes, then use footnotes throughout.Assignment:  In an 8 FULL PAGE MINIMUM ESSAY, respond to ALL of the following:Introduction – begin with a BRIEF summary of the book.  This should not be more than 2 -3 paragraphs in length.Critically analyze the following: What are the social and cultural expectations that the main female character and other women of her time, place, race, or ethnicity must contend with?As illustrated in the book and through lecture, what are the generational differences in regards to the role the main female character and other women of her time period or culture have in American society?As a result of these expectations, what are the dilemmas/conflicts the main female character has to face, both within her own family, culture, and in the world at large?What part, if any, does religion play in how the main character chooses to live her life?  Explain in detail.What alternatives are open to the main female character and other immigrant and women of her era/age/culture re: religion, work, and/or marriage?What choice(s) does the main female character make regarding her life goals/objectives and why? Based on your critical analysis of the book, do you think her choice was the “best” choice for her?  Explain why you think it was or was not.  BE SPECIFIC!**Please note:  The assigned book is your main source of information!  You must provide evidence from the book to support your answers.  Your opinion is welcomed and valued; however, in order to get the maximum points possible, facts (evidence from the book) are essential and must be provided and properly cited**

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