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You have the following informationCampaign 1 Response Rates

    You have the following information:Campaign 1 Response Rates (%)Campaign 2 Response Rates (%)Mailing A1.41.2Mailing B0.90.5Mailing C0.41.0Mailing D5.30.7Mailing E1.10.6In a Microsoft Word document,respond to the following:Compute the measures of central tendency and dispersionfor Campaign 1 and Campaign 2. When describing the average response rate for eachcampaign, identify which measure of central tendency you would use andwhy. Compare the variability in the response rates of thetwo campaigns. As a decision maker, what conclusions would you draw on thebasis of that comparison? Identify which of the two campaigns delivered betterresults in terms of response rates and why. Identify the questions you would ask regarding theabove-detailed response rates.

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