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. You are a music artist who has just finished reading House

    . You are a music artist who has just finished reading House on Mango Street.  You are inspired to create a CD Soundtrack that is based on this book. You are to create a CD Soundtrack in PowerPoint or Microsoft Word that is based on the themes in House on Mango Street. *YOU ARE NOT CREATING YOUR OWN SONGS, you are researching already-published songs to create your CD Soundtrack!*(See for a refresher on the themes). This must include:Minimum 5 songs that relate to one of the themes.Lyrics for each song.The first slide must feature artwork and a title relevant to the novel.A list of songs with the artist.A summary next to each song explaining what it is about and its relation to House on Mango Street. Each summary must be a minimum of 5 sentences. Use evidence from SparkNotes for additional help for quotes or facts.ALL songs and lyrics must be school appropriate!

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