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You are a caseworker who has finished meeting with a 29 year

    You are a caseworker who has finished meeting with a 29 yearold female client. During your appointment with the client, she indicates thatshe is changing her religious affiliation to a religion that encourages womento obey their husbands. You know very little about this religion, but haveheard rumors and conjecture about husbands affiliated with this religion beingabuse toward their wives. You make the following entry in your case note:Ms. Swanson reports that she is “changing religion.” The religionto which she is converting is known for spouse abuse. This writer told her tostay away from this church and avoid it at all cost Joining this faith would bea big mistake and possibly ruin the clients life. Client was encouraged toattend one of the local churches that is known for its liberal beliefs. In a 1-2 page paper address the following: Identify any andall ethical issues found within the case note. Explain the ethical issues. Bespecific. Give examples. Rewrite the case note using ethical and objectivelanguage.

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