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Directions:Students are to answer the questions using the assigned readings for the week.Students will submit the responses to the question to the online discussion board.Please consult the syllabus course calendar for assignment readings and due dates.Minimum word count for each question is at least 150 words.Please consult the grading rubric for assignments guidelines.Work must be cited and/or referenced.

To prepare for this Discussion students are to review Unit 7-8.Students must answer all of the questions.

Question #1

After reviewing lesson 22 create a newspaper headline or post an image that highlights one of the significant movements of the 1920’s that you learned about. Please provide a brief summary about the image and the impact it had on 1920’s life and culture.

Question #2

What was your impression of the Great Depression in America and how did American life change as a result of it? What new understanding do you now have about this event?What was the New Deal and what contributions were made? How did the alphabet agencies help to address American recovery?

Question #3

Discuss your understanding of the American involvement in World War II.What is your understanding about the causes of this global war?Identify at least one event or individual highlighted in the readings or films.What significant impact or role they played or did this event have on World War II?How did this global war impact America?(For example, please provide specific examples in the readings on the roles of Americans or highlight American events during the time of the war.)

Question #4

Why did Americans get involve in World War II?How were the powers divided?

After reading lesson 24 and watching the films, identify at least two nations that were at conflict during the war and discuss the impact each group had on the war.

Question #5

After World War II, Cold war tensions increased among nations.Identify elements or events that increased tensions between the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War.What were these dilemmas and how did Americans react to them? Lesson 25 and 26 highlights American foreign policy initiatives.Identify at least two events that heightened Cold War tensions.

Question #6

What overall lessons did you learn about after briefly reviewing the presidential leadership and administrations of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, and Carter? (Choose at two of these presidencies)What commonalities did you find? What differences did you find? What were some of the foreign policy initiatives proposed by Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, and Carter? (Choose at two of these presidencies)

Question #7

How did Reagan’s administration react to the Cold War and what was the result?Discuss at least one significant contribution during the presidency of President Bill Clinton and George Bush? Identify the significant contributions of Americans during the 1990’s-present?(Identify at least one) Discuss your understanding of some of the challenges or successes during the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.


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