writing about Food Matters

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We have read the personal stories of Wong, Harris, and Ahn. In their stories, the authors talk about the meaning of a particular food in their life and how it has shaped or defined their identity. In a 3-4 page essay, compare and/or contrast the ideas the authors put forth in relation to food and identity. You’ll need to clearly introduce the 3 readings (title and author) and then synthesize the main ideas in each in relation to food and identity. Try to find equal points of comparison between the stories and analyze your points of comparison. Provide specific evidence and examples from the readings (quotes, paraphrases) and cite the sources. Keep in mind that the point is not to simply to summarize each text one by one, but to compare and/or contrast the points that link the texts together and to come up with your own conclusions. At the end of the essay, reflect on your own connection (or lack thereof) to a particular food and how your experience supports or challenges ideas presented by the 3 authors. YOU MAY NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THIS ESSAY.


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