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Assignment: In Essay #1, you were asked to focus on the role of education in your life. Many of you explored the influence of school, teachers, and personal experiences and their impact on your thinking about work education. Essay #2 asks you to explore your connection with one of the readings.

Prompt: Pick the ONE reading you most identify with from the chapter “Identities” OR “Social Networking”, and in a 1200-1500 word essay, analyze the connection you share with the text. You may agree or disagree with the author’s ideas; you may have similar or dissimilar experiences; you may question the text or extend on ideas from the text. Your thesis statement should be a claim that states your overall response to the reading.

Include analysis of the reading you choose from the chapter “Identities” or “Social Networking” and anything else you like—personal experience, relevant observation, direct or indirect knowledge, etc., to develop your argument about identity. You can use an online source if you need to support a point, but do not use more than one. Essay 2 is not a research paper; it’s a reader response essay. Your focus should be on fully engaging with one of the readings in our book.

Writing Tips: Chapter 2 in our textbook will walk you through how to write a reader response essay.

• Analysis of at least one of the assigned readings from the chapter, “Identities” or “Social Networking.”
• A works cited entry for each source you cite (REQUIRED to earn a passing grade). Follow MLA format.
• Quotations from the reading(s) in MLA format. Make sure you prepare the reader by setting up your quotes (using lead-in phrases, giving context), followed by analysis of the quotes.
• A clear thesis statement—one that conveys your interpretive claim about the subject.





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