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write an essay based on this outline “The Power of Exposu

    write an essay based on this outline “The Power of Exposure”Thesis statement: While many quote the negative exposure of violence, drugs, and sex as a downside of television, many positive benefits can stem from exposure to increased diversity. State the two aspects: As more and more televisions programs feature characters of varying ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities it can result in both a beneficial discussion of acceptance and offer representation to the under represented. The increased exposure of diverse groups and peoples on television opens a discussion about inclusivity, acceptance, and tolerance. Many people fear what they do not understand or have not seen before. Television can give people exposure to ways of living that mainstream culture may not be aware of. For example, seeing a lesbian couple on television may be the only exposure some people have to a lesbian couple. Seeing the couple loving and living just as they do can lead to increased tolerance. Of course getting to know a lesbian couple personally would be preferred, television still offers this sort of relationship, just in a living room instead of the local coffee shop. People discuss television shows with their family, friends, and coworkers and this could lead to discussion on diversity. .Opening up the conversation and discussion is always the first and most crucial step of working toward change. i.It may lead to some awkward conversations at first if people disagree, but ultimately discussing diversity seen on television can only lead to positive benefits. Representation of historically under-represented groups can benefit children growing up as they see themselves being accepted and respected on television. .Representation on television can influence how a child grows up and sees herself in the greater context of the world. .If a child of color sees another child of color on television going to college and becoming a successful lawyer, that child too thinks she can do that.i.Without that example the child can feel alienated and separated from society. a.Representation can help grow confidence for children to express who they truly are. .As we learn more about gender identity for example television can be a great tool is helping a child know it’s alright to question thisi.With high suicide rates for such alienated groups, television can make them feel a part of something.Conclusion: There is no doubt that many aspects of television can have a harmful impact on both children and adults. However, with increasing diversity on television shows the benefits of increased dialogue and representation can potentially far outweigh those negatives. Diversity on television certainly isn’t where it needs to be, but we can only improve from here.

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