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Write a policy recommendation in which you recommend a new p

    Write a policy recommendation in which you recommend a new policy for your workplace. It should be a minimum of one full page not to exceed three pages. Use memo format. Refer to chapters 3 and 16 of Strategies for Technical Communication in the Workplace. The checklists on pages 63-64 and 324 may be helpful. Your employer has asked you to assist in improving company policies. Choose a policy at your workplace that you feel should be improved. Compose a clear and concise policy using appropriate tone and level of formality. Include present policy, changes that should be made and why. Provide 2 secondary sources or 1 primary source and 1 secondary source as research to support your change and ensure credibility. A reference page is required. Please use the grading rubric attached Page 63-64 link!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000C98%5D/22%5BP7000498013000000000000000000CD3%5D/6/36%400:60 page324!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000002901%5D/14%5BP7000498013000000000000000002961%5D/6/24/2%400:5 Assigned Readings Gurak, L. J. & Lannon, J. M. (2016). Strategies for technical communication in the workplace (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Longman. — Chapters 2 and 15 O’Hair, D., Rubenstein, H., Stewart, R. (2016). A pocket guide to public speaking (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Bedford-St. Martin’s. — Part 8 Chapter 3 Strategies for technical communication!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000B53%5D/18%5BP7000498013000000000000000000B89%5D/16%5BP7000498013000000000000000000BAA%5D/4/10/2/2%400:52!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000B53%5D!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000B9C%5D!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000BCF%5D!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000C3F%5D!/4/2%5BP7000498013000000000000000000C4E%5D

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