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Write a eulogy for yourself that is between five and ten min

    Write a eulogy for yourself that is between five and ten minutes long to present. Using the process outlined in the section of this unit called “Remembering and Honoring the Dead: A Eulogy,” develop a eulogy that someone could read at your funeral.Do not forget to choose an organizational style for your eulogy, such as chronological, tribute, main point, or thematic. Imagine that you could press a fast forward button and race into the future several years from now (maybe 50 or 60 years). You (I) have died.MY BASIC INFORMATION TO USE:-I am an artist who is passionate about humans and portraits and the ebbing and flowing of life.-I was born March 24th, 1999-I am the oldest of 4 children, with 2 little brothers (aged 16 and 10 currently) and 1 sister (aged 14 currently)-My sister is one of my best friends-I plan on living in New York and going to FIT and making it as an Artist-I am an eccentric and lively person who rarely goes by the book and follows rules.-I have suffered from mental illness and addiction in the past but I have pulled myself out-I hope to have a wife but no kids in my future.-Make up how I die, but make sure its interesting and gruesome-Let your creativity run wild honestly!! Have fun with it! make my Eulogy a wild 1 1/2- 2 pages :)Thank you!!!

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