write a 4000 words paper about a tourism destination with minimum 15 references for APA style

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Choose a tourism destination from the list below, only one group will be allowed to choose each destination: (no duplications please)

Ø Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Ø Montego Bay/Ocho Rios Jamaica

Ø Venice, Italy

Ø Bangkok, Thailand

Ø New York City, USA

Ø Bali, Indonesia

Ø Beijing, China

Ø St. Petersburg, Russia

Ø London, UK

Ø Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ø Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Ø Toronto, Canada

Ø Tokyo, Japan

Ø Jeju Island, Korea

Ø Istanbul, Turkey

Ø Hong Kong, China

Ø Paris, France

Ø Vancouver Island, Canada

(more destinations listed in Moodle)

If you are wanting to do a destination not listed above, please email me with your destination choice.

You will see the destinations listed in Moodle, please make your selection from this list.

Using the concepts learned in our course, describe this destination in detail. Some of the areas you might wish to include in your paper would be:

Ø The major physical features and climate of the destination

Ø The tradition and history of tourism in the destination

Ø The major features of the tourism infrastructure in the destination

Ø The culture of the destination and the impact of globalization on local culture

Ø Language and its impact on the destination

Ø Political issues and their impact on the destination

Ø Environmental challenges facing the destination

Ø The geographies of identity and the destination

Ø The nature of inbound and domestic tourists in the destination

Ø Future issues with the potential to impact tourism at this destination and the solutions

You will be graded on:

Content, knowledge & data (how well have you applied the concepts learned in class)

Presentation & APA format (citations & references)

Grammar & sentence construction

The paper should be approximately 4000 words not including your table of contents, reference list and any appendices you might include. I would like to see you do some significant research on your chosen destination and you should have a minimum of 15 references in your list of resources. You must use the APA system to provide citations in the body of your paper. Failure to properly use APA will result in a significant loss of marks.


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