write a 3 to 5-page analysis of a the documentary (Grim Sleeper) and how it relates to a topic in Forensic Science. (Physical Evidence)

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Write a 3 to 5-page analysis of the documentary Grim Sleeper (YOU CAN WATCH IT FREE ON A APP CALLED TUBI) and how it relates to a topic in forensic science (Physical Evidence). Students will be able to convey in writing (APA formatted) how the documentary was relevant to the subject matter and how it impacts the 21st century. This will be supported by journal searches relevant to the topic.

  • Paper Format:
    ➢ Title Page
    ➢ Documentary Introduction
    ➢ Forensic Identification
    ➢ Analysis
    ➢ Summation
    ➢ Reference Page
    ➢ Title and Reference page are not to be included in page count


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