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Dr. Doria Chege

23 hours ago, at 5:55 PM

Hi Class,

Here we are in the final week of class, I do hope you have enjoyed the subject matter. Much of the future of health care is unknown. There is much research being conducted on various diseases and illnesses, and we can only hope that more breakthroughs will be made. One thing that is certain is that computers will continue to play a part in the way healthcare facilities function and deliver care. Paper records are a thing of the past, and we can see how electronic records are dominating the industry. The way facilities will be designed will incorporate new technology in every aspect of the facility design. It won’t matter how large a facility is or how small, but computers will play a strong role and continue to alter the designs that we see. After seeing what has occurred in the last 30 years, I can only imagine what the next several decades will bring to the industry, it is an exciting time. What do you think our future may look like?

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