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Why can’t people believe anything negative about Dorian

    Why can’t people believe anything negative about Dorian? b. How does curiosity play a role in Dorian’s corruption? c. What is the aim of ‘new Hedonism’ (136)?d. How does the picture free Dorian and how does it imprison him?  Why does Basil believe there are no such things as secret sins? b. What does Basil ask of Dorian? c. Why is Dorian proud at the end of this chapter?

    What is Basil’s response to seeing the picture? What does he want Dorian to do? b. What does the change in Dorian’s response to the murder of Basil as compared to the murder of Sibyl reveal about his character? Why does Dorian loathe Basil? b. What changes Campbell’s mind? c. What does Dorian notice about the portrait? When Dorian burns Basil’s things, what strange object does he discover?

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