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Whichrules does an expert have to follow to prepare and subm

    Whichrules does an expert have to follow to prepare and submit a report?Whatis destroying a report before the final resolution of a case called?Whenwriting a report what is the most important aspect of formatting?Describethe guidelines for writing reports.Explainhow to use forensics tools to generate reports.Explainthe importance of reports.________________________________________________________________________________Afrequently asked question is “Can structured techniques andobject-oriented techniques be mixed? In other words, is it possibleto do structured analysis and then object-oriented design of theapplication or vice versa?” In some situations, it may be possibleto mix and match, such as when designing and implementing theinterface using OO after completing traditional structured analysis.In two paragraphs explain._________________________________________________________________________________Discuss the advantages anddisadvantages of using reports generated by forensics tools tocreate your final investigation report.__________________________________________________________________________________I NEED EACH ONE SEPARATED WITHIN THEDOCUMENT ACCEPT THE FIRST SIX, THOSE GO TOGETHER YOU COULD SORT OFDRAW A LINE SUCH AS THIS_____________ AFTER EACH QUESTION, REMEMBERTHE FIRST 6 DRAW LINE, THEN DRAW LINE AFTER EACH OF THE OTHERS,POSSIBLE BONUS IF ONLY MINOR OR NO REVISIONS HAVE TO BE REQUESTED! IFI GET AN A- OR HIGHER, I WILL COME BACK AND PAY ANOTHER 10 ON TOP OFTHE BIDDED AMOUNT AND BONUS I WILL SUBMIT ONCE I AM SATISFIED, ONLYRELIABLE AND ORIGINAL WORK I WILL RUN THIS THROUGH TURNITIN THROUGHASHFORD UNIVERSITY SO DON’T BE SLICK AND THINK YOU CAN GET BY BEINGLAZY

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