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When our team submitted the homework, the professor points out

    When our team submitted the homework, the professor points out that our work have some problems.1. Grammarly problem: as we are not native English speakers, we are not able to correct errors. Please ‘Formal, Academic English Native User.’ Red letters are errors the professor pointed out. If you don’t understand the error, feel free to call us. Let’s find out what is wrong. 2. scoring standard: professor provides an evaluation standard table. Please read, evaluate and revise, editing the assignment based on standards. Tutors who have to experience evaluating & scoring and correcting others’ assignments needed.

    As the scoring basis table shows, appropriateness of contents, Relevance of context, Reference etc. 3. Our homework teammates are gladly afforded much more money if the result is satisfying. So please do our work only!! We faced several tutors who are dealing with too many assignments which they selected from studypool. We want tutor to concentrate on our assignment only. No bullshit, No make excuse, just concentrate on the time and quality. Satisfying = paying enough bonus + gorgeous review. Can’t delay more because real submit time lefts 16hours. Sorry to say bad word, but our patience has reached limit.

    I am expecting tutors who have professor’s perspective. We want strict criticism of the contents. We are always waiting the feedback.If something seems wrong and improper either grammer and contents, feel free to correct! Professor emphasize that grammar is the most important thing. Our article will be evalutated based on grammar!!

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