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Week 3 -Discussion 1 – Canadian National Health PlanResear

    Week 3 -Discussion 1 – Canadian National Health PlanResearch can vary from highlysophisticated experimental studies to less rigorous short term investigations.Each research approach has advantages and disadvantages.  Among thedifferent paradigms you could use, two of the more common are the “positivistapproach” and the “interpretive approach” (consult pages 39-40 in the text). Ifyou were interested in determining if the Canadian National Health Plan was“better” (better in terms of care, coverage, and choice of doctors) then thecurrent United States Health Coverage Plan (Obama sponsored), which approachwould you choose to make this determination?  Provide a justification toyour answer. Remember, your decision is about the research paradigm, and thesubject focus (health care plans) provides the context.  Select theresponses of two classmates, comparing the position you take and thejustification. If you agree in terms of the position, discuss any differencesof opinion in terms of the justification.

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