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week 2 discussion 2CommunityPolicing Case Studies Comparetwo

    week 2 discussion 2CommunityPolicing Case Studies Comparetwo of the “Cop in Action” case studies from ChaptersThree, Four, or Five of the textbook. Describe the specific details thatidentify the course of action as a representation of one ofthe three policing models described. What characteristics specific to thatparticular policing model lead to successful implementation within the casestudy?   In a mixed culture community,the East Dallas Storefront is present and is one of five stations in thecentral patrol division. People live as poor as housing projects and as rich asmansions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Four officers police thecommunity use anything from bike patrol, public speaking in schools and churchgroups, and holds storefront community meetings. The store front is open from 7a.m. to 7 p.m., allowing the community members plenty of opportunity throughoutthe day to stop in if necessary. Social services, fingerprinting, meetingrooms, and youth activities are all among the nontraditional functions embracedby the storefront. The implementation of neighborhood-orientedpolicing programs are all outline in the East Dallas Police Storefrontcase study.  Ocean City’s base population10,000 but in the summer months the population raises to nearly 300,000 peoplewhen the college and high school students come to enjoy the beaches. Usuallythe city has well behaved vacationers, but 1995 changed that. Many troublingevents occurred that summer and many young people lost their lives while underthe influence, and many others were harmed while intoxicated. After thatsummer, the police knew that they needed to prepare for the upcoming touriststo ensure safety for everybody.  For the upcoming year, the policein the community began the Reducing the Availability of Alcohol to Minors. Topush the act further, police also spoke to housing units, who then made newrules to renters. If underage drinking occurs, eviction of the renters would beissued. Police also tried management so they were able to handle minordisturbances. Foot, bike, and mounted police units were applied to thecommunity so officers were out in the community more often. Problem-orientedpolicing is initiated in this situation. When a problem become known, thepolice took action to ensure the safety of all in the communityjust need to list the bad and good of the post list references thanks

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