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Week 1: How have reading expectations in U.S. schools expand

    Week 1: How have reading expectations in U.S. schools expanded over the last few decades? Give examples from recent literacy demands, including those related to academic language, expectations of state standards, and the STEM professions. Describe new insights you have about dyslexia and working with students who struggle with reading, based on this topic’s readings. What are common attributes of effective interventions for struggling readers? Which are you most likely to use in your classroom and why? Provide references in support of your answer. Week 2: Not every assessment can be utilized with every student. Give three examples of students and their reading skills. For each of these students, identify the types of assessments you would administer and explain why.Describe the importance of using assessment tools to measure student literacy skills. How will these measurements drive your classroom instruction? How will you be sure to meet individual student needs based on the assessment information you receive? Be specific. Week 3: Explain how a lesson in systematic and explicit phonics instruction would look different than a lesson using non-systematic instruction. Provide specific examples of both.How does segmentation differ from blending? Provide an example of each. Why do children often struggle with these phonemic awareness skills? What is a specific strategy you can utilize to help students in this area? Provide details in your example. Week 4: Explain how a lesson in systematic and explicit phonics instruction would look different than a lesson using non-systematic instruction. Provide specific examples of both.Identify and describe two recommended strategies to teach word recognition and two recommended strategies to teach spelling. In addition, identify technology tools available to use in instruction for both areas. Why do you find these particularly effective or useful? Week 5: Select an exemplar text from Common Core ELA Standards, Appendix B for third graders and apply the Fry readability formula. Discuss how the calculated grade level from the Fry readability formula compared to the assigned grade level in Appendix B.How will you deal with anxiety or self-esteem issues among students who have difficulty reading, specifically when reading aloud? Week 6: What is the benefit of developing academic language vocabulary in math, science, and other content areas? Support your answer with scholarly research. In addition, provide three examples of how you can encourage content-based vocabulary development in your future classroom. What role does parental involvement play in literacy development? Discuss two ways you will encourage parental involvement in your classroom, particularly how you will help parents to build confidence in teaching their students in this aspect of literacy. Week 7: Identify three techniques to teach reading comprehension that are being advocated by current research. Which do you believe are the most viable? Why? Which strategies would you most likely use in your first year of teaching? In what way and why?Compare and contrast close reading strategies to effective reading comprehension strategies discussed in this topic’s readings. Which of these do you feel most comfortable implementing at this time? Week 8: Describe the structure of the writing workshop. How can teachers be certain that students are learning the skills they need in writing while making good use of their time?Part of the Christian worldview includes honoring God by serving others in ways that promote human flourishing. How do teachers promote human flourishing when they assist students who struggle with foundational literacy skills? How can teachers help students thrive in their faith and life to be able to communicate and minister to others through their writing?

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