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Week 1 -Discussion 2 – Legal ProceduresImagine you are the

    Week 1 -Discussion 2 – Legal ProceduresImagine you are the in-house counsel ata local hospital.  You have been contacted by an attorney for a formerpatient of the hospital whose inpatient hospitalization resulted in some harmto the patient.  That harm was recorded in an incident report prepared byhospital staff.  Your review of the incident report indicates that theharm described by the attorney is consistent with the harm described in theincident report.  Based on your conversations with the attorney, youbelieve a lawsuit is imminent.  Since you believe it is in the bestinterest of all concerned to avoid the cost of litigation, you wish to considermethods of alternative dispute resolution. (Case Study, p.47)Identify at least three methods of alternative dispute resolution for this caseand discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each method. Assuming the alternative methods are not successful, use Fig. 2.4 to explainthe steps in the legal process to begin a lawsuit. Be sure to relate each stepto this specific case.

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