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We are now ready to work on Step 3 in the design and develop

    We are now ready to work on Step 3 in the design and development of your HRD training program. Cindy Kramer, one of the vice presidents at Fleet Trucking, hasresponded to your memos by expressing the concerns of upper managementabout training office personnel. They are especially concerned aboutseveral of the office staff who have been on the job for quite a while.Cindy points out that these are older employees, who have been with thecompany for years. Younger office employees will no doubt enjoy thetraining. But some of the older employee have not attended school for 25years. Cindy is concerned that placing these employees into a classroomsetting would make them feel as if they were in elementary schoolagain. Week 03 StepDevelop a statement addressed to Cindy Kramer and upper managementexplaining to them the importance of learning styles, adult learning,and how to make it work so that older employees can learn comfortablyalongside younger ones. Compose the memo by addressing the followingissues: Outline some of the distinctive ways adults learn, particularlycompared to how children and youth learn. How are you going to ensurethat you meet these needs?How your training will seek to address adult trainee characteristics and why it is important to be aware of these:TrainabilityMotivationPerception of the work environmentPersonality and attitudesExplain how you plan to meet each learner’s individual learning style needs in the design of your program. Explain why it is vital to meet each learner’s needs.

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