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Adding Trendlines to Charts

    Adding Trendlines to Charts. This video can be accessed under Student Materials on the right side of the screen. Watch® Videos: Creating Pie Charts, Histograms, & Box-and-Whisker Plots. This video can be accessed under Student Materials on the right side of the screen. Create at least three visuals. My Information will be under the Criminal Justice Tab. One visual must be a scatterplot with the trend line, equation and R2 value.

    Two of the remaining required visuals can be a histogram, box and whisker plot, or pie chart. Please note that the data sets include data that will not be needed to create your visuals. Quantitative reasoning requires critical thinking to decide what data is necessary. Create a Word document that includes your three visuals and the following items: The title of your project and the scenario you are addressing. Brief description of each visual (15 to 50 words)

    Consider including the following for each visual when applicable:A chart title that is appropriate for the data. A descriptive x-axis label. A descriptive y-axis label. For your xy scatterplot, make at least one prediction using the trendline equation for some date into the future. How confident are you in this prediction? State your prediction and provide justification (50 to 150 words). If you created a box and whisker plot, describe the central tendency of the values. What does this tell you about the data and about your project?

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