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W3Assignment Nordstroms Performance GoalsNordstromsP

    W3Assignment ‘Nordstrom’s Performance Goals’Nordstrom’sPerformance GoalsThiscase focuses on the issue of performance. As discussed in the text, clear andeffective goals help improve employee performance, reduce role stress conflictand ambiguity, and improve the evaluation of employees’ performance. The textalso discusses the various elements that are involved in managing performance.These include defining performance, measuring it, providing feedback, rewardingpoor performance, and correcting poor performance.AtNordstrom, employee performance is directed towards a single goal – extraordinaryservice that produces extraordinary sales volumes. Every measure by which anemployee is evaluated and rewarded is based on this goal. This is evident inNordstrom’s training programs and its reward and incentive structure. A centralway in which Nordstrom tries to improve employees’ performance is by fosteringan open, competitive environment in which employees are a part of teams, butalso pursue individual achievements. The company encourages creative tensionamong associates by making the performance information of every employeeavailable to every other employee.Case Study: Nordstrom: Performance GoalsThesales staff at Nordstrom is motivated to give extraordinary service, becauseextraordinary service produces extraordinary sales volumes and extraordinaryprofits. Like competitive athletes, these employees are highly focused,eye-on-the-prize individuals who pay full and careful attention to theindividual customer.Nordstromregularly distributes videotaped interviews with top salespeople who shareadvice to fellow employees. Staff meetings become workshops in which associatescompare, examine, and discuss sales techniques. Nordstrom also employs STEP(Sales Training Education Program), developed by the Washington region’spersonnel department which enables associates to share information with othersalespeople and department managers.Likecompetitive athletes, Nordstrom associates are a part of teams, but also pursueindividual achievements. The company insists that all associates beam teamplayers who work together while at the same time encouraging everyone to becomea star performer.Starperformers among team players? Herein lies the creative paradox that energizesthe Nordstrom culture. The company encourages creative tension among associatesby making available information about the performance of all other associates.Any associate can know where they stand and how their performance compares withanyone else in the company. Twice a month, every associate’s sales-per-hournumbers are posted for all to see. In this open environment, rewards followperformance. There are cash prizes, trips, and awards given for outstandingsales-per-hour and sales-per-month performances. Associates earn rewards theold-fashioned way; they earn them.Inthis kind of atmosphere, Nordstrom must manage inter-group competition well sothat associates do not destroy each other in the competitive process. From itsearliest days, Nordstrom has aimed to create creative, rather than destructive,tension. The competitive environment is also disciplined by goal-setting.Nordstrom is organized as an inverted pyramid, with sales associates at thetop, the buyers in the middle and the managers at the bottom. What binds thethree tiers together is goal-setting. Each member of each tier strives to meetpersonal, departmental, store, and regional goals. This leads to a disciplined,well ordered, and competitive structure within which performance expectationsare clear, feedback lucent, and results understandable.Write 2-3 page paper.  In yourpaper answer the following:1. Nordstrom creates an open atmosphere, in which every associate’ssales figures are made available to everyone else. Explain the positiveimpacts.2. Twice a month, Nordstrom releases sales figures and rewards top-performingemployees. In your opinion, is this the best type of reinforcement schedule foreveryone, or would you take a different approach?3. Give an example of a reinforcement schedule you have experiencedor seen. Explain the effort, the reinforcement schedule, and the motivation tosucceed. Was the outcome positive motivation or were their negative impacts?Includea title page and 3-5 references.  Only one reference may be from theinternet (not Wikipedia).  The other references must be from the GranthamUniversity online library.  Please adhere to the Publication Manual of theAmerican Psychological Association (APA), (6th ed., 2nd printing) when writingand submitting assignments and papers.

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