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w-4 answer the following quizQuestion 1 2 ptsIt is difficult

    w-4 answer the following quizQuestion 1 2 ptsIt is difficult to isolate the impact of process consultations from other interventions. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 2 2 ptsTying rewards to accomplishments is the final stage of TQM implementation. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 3 2 ptsGlobal social change organizations tend to be dominated by a strong set of normative values and beliefs. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 4 2 ptsSuccessful work designs reward seniority and ‘company loyalty.’ True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 5 2 ptsOpen-space methods for large-group interventions are highly structured processes. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 6 2 ptsOrganization learning is an active process based on interpretive models of change where members interact and learn from their actions. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 7 2 ptsOD efforts can help public schools build sustainable leadership capacity. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 8 2 ptsAn effective organization has both high productivity and rapid growth. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 9 2 ptsIn most cases, the chosen intervention provides only general guidelines for organizational change. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 10 2 ptsThe task environment consists of individuals and organizations that interact directly with the organization. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 11 2 ptsOrganizations may encourage employees to participate in stress charting to identify stress symptoms. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 12 2 ptsRole clarification helps to alleviate stress in employees who are overworked. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 13 2 ptsThe matrix structure is the best and most flexible organization structure. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 14 2 ptsTeam building can help groups deal with productivity and motivation issues within the group. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 15 1 ptsStandardized surveys are reliable, valid and provide accurate information on specific situations occurring in organizations. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 16 2 ptsQuality of work life encompasses more than just the work environment. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 17 2 ptsProductivity and QWL ideas were originated by Kurt Lewin. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 18 2 ptsA correlation coefficient clearly establishes cause and effect between two variables. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 19 2 ptsTimeliness is a criteria for effective reward systems but not for performance appraisal designs. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 20 2 ptsBehavioral interventions help groups change their attitudes about one another. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 21 2 ptsThe most prevalent form of learning in organizations is single-loop learning which is focused on improving the status quo. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 22 2 ptsMechanistic designs support efficiency and control while organic designs promote innovation and change. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 23 2 ptsOrganization learning is similar to individual learning. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 24 2 ptsBecause GSCOs have such an honorable mission, it is rare for their stakeholders to be in conflict. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 25 2 ptsContracting is typically a very formal, written process when internal OD practitioners are involved. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 26 5 ptsGSCOs have as their primary task to serve as an agent of change in creating environmentally and socially sustainable world futures. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 27 2 ptsVarious departments within an organization initiate performance management. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 28 2 ptsBuilt-to-change interventions are characterized by selecting and developing leaders and members, who are quick learners, take initiative and thrive on change. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 29 2 ptsSocialization is the most important institutionalization process. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 30 2 ptsThe relational quality of alliances benefits from OD interventions aimed at increasing trust. True FalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 31 2 ptsSelf-managed work group supervisors may feel ambiguity about responsibilities and authority a lack of personal and technical skills to deal with the group a lack of organizational support all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 32 5 ptsWhich is not a principle of sociotechnical systems design? compatibility joint optimization minimum critical specification integrationFlag this QuestionQuestion 33 5 ptsThe last stage in managing network change is: create instability in the network convention of the organizations in the network relying on self-organization managing the ‘tipping point’ in network changeFlag this QuestionQuestion 34 5 ptsInterventions aimed at structural design include traditional ways of dividing the organization’s overall work integrative and flexible ways of dividing work structural changes like downsizing all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 35 5 ptsParallel structures are most similar to what other EI approach? re-engineering union-management cooperative projects downsizing work designFlag this QuestionQuestion 36 5 ptsThe Action Research Model focuses on planned change as a cyclical process heavy diagnosis after acting, planning, and implementation reporting new data from previous research reducing the process of psychological disconfirmationFlag this QuestionQuestion 37 5 ptsWhat kind of group uses members from several other groups to help solve organization wide problems? intergroup microcosm matrix hybridFlag this QuestionQuestion 38 5 ptsWhich of the following is not one of the four basic network-based structures? internal market network opportunity network strategic market network aftermarket networkFlag this QuestionQuestion 39 5 ptsIdentifying the core mission of an organization and assessing the organization’s responses to environmental expectations are two important aspects of what type of large group intervention: open space methods open system methods diagnostic methods conference methodsFlag this QuestionQuestion 40 5 ptsThe engineering approach produces _____________ and ______________: traditional jobs/efficient performance innovation/job satisfaction motivation/job enrichment motivation/autonomyFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 5 ptsWhen developing a contract, what are the two types of resources that must be defined. money and time essential and desirable requirements power and authority services and outcomesFlag this QuestionQuestion 42 5 ptsA distinguishing feature of the total quality management approach is attention to rewards development of problem solving skills the improvement of processes trainingFlag this QuestionQuestion 43 5 ptsEvaluation in OD provides information to assess the long-term results of OD interventions implement change programs assess a manager’s style improve task preparationFlag this QuestionQuestion 44 5 ptsWhich is/are true of stress? it involves physiological responses it can be positive it can ultimately lead to withdrawal behaviors all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 45 5 ptsThe question, ‘how satisfied are you with your work group?’ was asked of five groups using a five-point scale where 1= very dissatisfied and 5 = very satisfied. Which group is most satisfied? Mean = 4.0; standard deviation = .60 Mean = 4.2; standard deviation = .65 Mean = 4.1; standard deviation = .65 Mean = 4.2; standard deviation = .90Flag this QuestionQuestion 46 5 ptsThe goal of the contracting process is to help the organization change to make a good decision about how to proceed with the OD process create a positive situation for the OD practitioner makes the organization dependent on the OD practitionerFlag this QuestionQuestion 47 5 ptsAll of the following are reasons suggested for why education reform has failed except _____. lack of collaborative vision misplaced focus lack of clarity on desired results failure to manage change processFlag this QuestionQuestion 48 5 ptsSome ways that EI may improve productivity are by improving communication among employees by improving employee motivation by improving employee capabilities all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 49 5 ptsWhich question does the OD practitioner ask when developing a diagnostic relationship? Who are you? Why am I here? How much am I paid? Who has political clout?Flag this QuestionQuestion 50 5 ptsWhich of the following place constraints on job enrichment interventions? the technical system the environment the control system all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 51 5 ptsWhich of the following is a source of power? formal position knowledge personality all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 52 5 ptsSustainable Management Organizations (SMO) interventions ask the question, _____. how can we develop organizations to achieve sustainable effectiveness? why is practicing sustainability principles valuable? how can organizations improve customer perceived value? what matters to stakeholders?Flag this QuestionQuestion 53 5 ptsPeople resist change because: they can’t see the benefits they don’t see the need they don’t expect success all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 54 5 ptsWhy do the pragmatists in OD wish to require certification of OD practitioners? certification would establish the requirements OD practitioners must meet certification would provide a stream of revenue for the OD Assocation certification would enable certified OD practitioners to charge a higher hourly rate all of the aboveFlag this QuestionQuestion 55 5 ptsSelf-designing organizations focus on strategy structure technologyall of the above

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