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Visual Basic .NET Application – Coding Exercise

    Visual Basic .NET Application – Coding Exercise 3 (Exercise 13, Zack, 2016, p. 642) For this coding exercise: Create an application that can be used to calculate the cost of installing a fence around a rectangular area. Create the application, using the following names for the solution and project, respectively: Fence Solution and Fence Project. Save the application in the VB2015Chap11 folder.

    Use Windows to copy the Rectangle.vb file from the VB2015Chap11 folder to the Fence SolutionFence Project folder. Use the Project menu to add the Rectangle.vb class file to the project. Modify the class to use Double (rather than Integer) variables and properties. Add a method named GetPerimeter to the Rectangle class. The method should calculate and return the perimeter of a rectangle.

    To calculate the perimeter, the method will need to add together the length and width measurements, and then multiply the sum by 2. Create the interface shown in Figure 11-30 (zak, 2016). The image for the picture box is stored in the VB2015Chap11Fence.png file. Code the application and then test it appropriately. (Hint: Using 120 feet as the length, 75 feet as the width, and 10 as the cost per linear foot of fencing, the installation cost is $3,900.00.)Assignment Deliverables: The zip file containing the Visual Studio solution and project files.

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