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using this information, answer the following questionLP5.2&nbsp

    using this information, answer the following questionLP5.2 Revenues:Charge Patients (6,000 Patient Days)                    750,000Fixed-Price Patients (20,000 Patient Days)            1,800,000Total Net Revenues                                  2,550,000Cost: Fixed Costs                                             1,170,000Variable Costs ($45/PD)                          1,170,000Total ($90/PD)Net Income                       2,340,000Net income                                                210,0001. What is the breakeven point in patient days for this nursing home, assuming no profit is required? .First you must determine the “price per patient days,” which is also called “price per caseThe average net revenue = $Total Net Revenues / # of patient days = price per patient daysUsing the price per patient days you can now proceed to the standard breakeven equation.Breakeven volume in units = Fixed cost / (Price per patient day– Variable Cost) = # of patient days2. If volume goes up 10 percent to 28,600 patient days and payer mix is unchanged, what will the net income be?With this method simply start with the current net income and add to it the incremental income generated by the new patients. Of course, fixed costs will not change with the new patients. So, how much is earned on each marginal patient? That is just the contribution margin (CM) per patient day.Average net revenue per patient day = (see calculation in previous problem)Variable cost per patient day = ? (look closely at the provided information above for the variable cost, variable cost per patient day (PD) is given)Contribution margin per patient day = ? (Price per patient day– Variable Cost)Total contribution margin = Change in units × CM = ?(The change in units refers to the change in patient days from problem 1 and 2 above)New net income = Original net income + total CM New net income = ?

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