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Use the Walden Library Course Guide and Assignment Help

    Use the Walden Library Course Guide and Assignment Help found in this week’s Learning Resources to search for and select a quantitative article (link to article listed below) that interests you and that has social change implications. As you read the article, reflect on George Box’s quote in the introduction for this Discussion. For additional support, review the Skill Builder: Independent and Dependent Variables, which you can find by navigating back to your Blackboard Course Home Page.

    From there, locate the Skill Builder link in the left navigation pane.By Day 3Post a very brief description (1 page & 2-3 references) of the article you found and address the following: Describe how you think the research in the article is useful (e.g., what population is it helping? What problem is it solving?). Using Y=f(X) +E notation, identify the independent and dependent variables. How might the research models presented be wrong? What types of error might be present in the reported research?

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