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Unit 5 Assignment Creating A Sense of CommunityKouzes and P

    Unit 5 Assignment: Creating A Sense of CommunityKouzes and Posner (2012) tell us Leaders make sure that people know they are being paidattention to and not being taken for granted (p. 318). There are many different ways to promotethis type of celebratory culture. You have been reading about and working with best practices onhow leaders need to be aware of follower needs. In the case of creating community, the leaderneeds to be aware of how celebrations are conducted according to cultural beliefs. This isespecially important when workplaces are composed of many cultures as they are in thecontemporary world. In this 4-5 page APA compliant paper you will conduct research on this topicand report back on best practices. Using the information from your reading, additional researchand personal experience in a 4-5 page APA compliant paper you will:Provide an overview of community building practices as stated in Kouzes and Posner.Identify at least three different cultures from countries other than your own and how they createa sense of community. These cultures can be ones in which you have interacted with in yourown country or internationally.Research examples of contemporary leaders who work in a global context that may have usedContingency Theory. You may also include information on whether the leader worked in avirtual or non-virtual (face-to-face) environment.Provide an example of a culturally diverse team or environment that you have worked in.Share with us how you either promoted cohesiveness in that environment or how, lookingback, you would have.Based on what you have discovered this week, what specific actions can you take toimplement this style into your current leadership approach? Be as specific as you can whenselecting an action and include how you will be able to measure the effectiveness of this newapproach.

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