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Quality DayCare and After-School Care for Dual-Worker

    Your term paper has been shortened from 4-6 pages to 4 pages (5 absolute maximum), excluding references and three still-required appendices; number your pages. There is still valuable info in the syllabus; read it. Page one: Start with a long paragraph that uses some product of your literature review to set up an overview of your topic (with citations, meaning last name of authors and year, also page number if you use a quotation). The short paragraph that ends this page is a statement on your method:

    Be sure to state how you know or found your subject, where the interview took place (anyone else present?), how long it lasted, did you take notes at the time, was subject informed that s/he could skip questions considered too personal, etc. Please use fake names! The next two pages (i.e. page 2 and 3) are a summary of what you learned in your interview.

    DO NOT DO THIS Q&A Style; write narrative paragraphs. Last page (p. 4) finish your interview report, but spend most of this page describing what you learned from the interview that relates to class materials on how policies and laws and social support help families survive. Do not forget to write BENEFITS of being in this family form (e.g. single mom can raise kids as she sees fit, no disagreeing partner; closeness to children…whatever you learned).

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