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TOPIC: HAMLET: Destruction of the familyPlease use the annot

    TOPIC: HAMLET: Destruction of the familyPlease use the annotated bibs attached for the resources (MUST BE USED) and also feel free to add your ownDocumented Research Paper For this class the paper will be on Hamlet –as mentioned earlier– is required in order to pass English 1102. It must be in proper MLA format (see above), at least 1400-1600 words in length, and with at least 4 secondary sources plus the primary source which is the work you are writing about – at least 5 sources total. You will receive a more specific assignment sheet later in the course. Papers turned in that are not in MLA format will receive an automatic F and will have to be revised according to the Revisions Procedures. Plagiarized research papers (and any other plagiarized essays or work) will receive no credit and have no opportunity for revision. The RESEARCH PAPER CANNOT BE REVISED. No documented Research Paper means you will not pass this class.

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