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    Those all the work of the class pick up 3 of the and you should read the file that … put it downHumanities 201 Reading List and Assignment Schedule Samarian, Babylonian, and Jewish Culture 1/24—Introduction and Overview / Babylonian Creation Myth 1/31— The Epic of Gilgamesh 2/7—Jewish tradition/ Creation, Cain and Abel, Tower of Babel, Ten Commandments Test On Blackboard—Due February 11th Greek and Roman Culture 2/14—Review Test —Homer, Rage of Achilles (129-145), Death of Hektor (145-158) —Homer, Achilles and Priam (158-177)—Odyssey introduction —Homer, Odyssey Book IX (271-283) —Homer, Odyssey Book X (283-296) –discussion of the epic hero 2/21—Sophocles, Oedipus Rex –discussion of the tragic hero 2/28—Plato, The Apology (small book) 3/7—Virgil, “The Final Hours of Troy” from the Aeneid (598-620) –First research paper due 3/14—In class Midterm Christian Tradition Culture 3/21—Spring Break 3/28—New Testament: Birth of Jesus 819-820, Mathew 5-7 (821-824) —New Testament: Luke 15 (824-5), Mathew 27-28 (827-830). John 1 (830-1) —New Testament discussion 4/4—Snori Sterlinson: Gylfaginning (online 4/11—Discussion of the tragic hero in cinema and popular culture –Comparison Paper due by 4/18, submitted through SafeAssign 4/18—Dante: Inferno, Cantos I-V (1053-1070) —Canto XXXIV —Test On Blackboard due 4/23 4/25—Confucius: Analects (770-780) —Haiku –write five haikus to be presented next class 5/2—Haiku presentations —Qur’an (861-884)

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