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This week you will submit Chapter 1 of your Capstone Project

    This week you will submit Chapter 1 of your Capstone Project. A general outline for Chapter 1 is below. Please type your chapter using APA style guidelines and submit it to the dropbox for review and feedback by the end of Week 2. Please reference the Capstone Project Chapter 1 Rubric for grading guidelines.My title for this project is Nurse Retention:Below is just a sample of how the outline should look.Chapter 1 – Problem Statement (5 to 7 pages) What is the specific problem within the healthcare environment that needs to be addressed?History of problem When did it first appear?Who does it affect? DemographicsWhat has been done historically if anything?Current scope Significance of problemWhat is currently being done?What role does management currently play within the context of the issue?Responsibility of problem Who owns it?Why does it remain unaddressed or persist?Is it related to cost, access, or quality – combination or all?

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