This week you studied about verbal messages. One word choice can make a huge difference in how a message is understood or perceived. Each of us can think of a comment that really had a profound impact, either it changed the course of our life for the good, or hurt so bad we can’t forget it, yet it’s likely the other person did not give it two seconds’ thought! In this paper, look at the language that either you use with others or that others have used with you. Think of how it shapes your self awareness and concept! Using ideas from the chapter on Verbal Communications in the text, explore the impact of language on your own communication. Typed, double spaced, at least three pages (900 words).The paper is worth 75 points and will be graded using the Response Paper Grading Rubric linked at the top of the course page.Name your paper like this: LastnameFirstinitialPaper2

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