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This should be a list 300 to 350 words. Hate Crime: The Viol

    This should be a list 300 to 350 words. Hate Crime: The Violence of Intolerance In Hate Crime: The Violence of Intolerance (,the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service helps localofficials and residents tailor locally defined resolutions when conflictand violence threaten community stability and well-being. In thiswebsite are samples of hate crimes and ways communities can deter them.Aftercompleting your research, make a list of at least three (3) bestpractices communities can use to prevent feelings of hate fromescalating into conflict.Then, list at least three (3) services you found in your research that can help deter hate crime activity in communities.Now, explain how societal trends such as the ones you have researched can lead to conflicts in schools.Finally,think about what you have learned through your research and discuss thekinds of tools/resources you, as future educator, have at your disposalto make a difference in the lives of your students and their familieswho may be in crisis.

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