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this is the Book that you should use Foner, Eric. Voices of

    this is the Book that you should use Foner, Eric. Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History. 4th ed. Vol. 1. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, 2014.there is questions that i need their answer((it is not an essay question ))1- what do you think Las Casas hoped to accomplish by writing so critically about Spanish treatment of the Indians ?2- why, after describing illness and starvation among the Indians, does Las Casas write, ‘this was the freedom, the good treatment and the christianity that Indians received?3 – what does the petition tell us about the extent of religious toleration in the seventeenth century ?4- how do the petitioners argue that allowing jews to settle will benefit New Netherland?5- What advantages does the Virginia Company see in the promotion of family life in the colony?6- Why does the company prefer that the woman marry landowning men rather thanservants?7- Why does Winthrop use an analogy to the status of women within the family to explain hisunderstanding of liberty?8- Why does Winthrop consider ‘natural’ liberty dangerous?9- What are the rebels’ main complaints against the government of Virginia?10- Do Bacon and his followers envisions any place for Indians in Virginia society?11- What do the petitioners find objectionable about non-English migrants to Pennsylvania?12- What does the petition suggest about who should be entitled to the benefits of freedom in theAmerican colonies?13- What are Elizabeth Springs’s main complaints about her treatment?14- Why does she compare her condition unfavorably to that of blacks?15- what picture of life in Africa does Equiano present?16- What elements of slavery does he seem to think will most outrage his readers?17-How do owners hope their fugitives will be identified?18- what do these advertisements tell us about relations between slaves and servants?19- why does hamilton equate zenger’s defense with the cause of liberty?20-what does hamilton seem to think is the greatest threat to liberty?

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