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This discussion is your opportunity to develop a community of learning

    This discussion is your opportunity to develop a community of learning with your class peers and instructor. Some of you will have had prior courses together, but some of you may not have met previously. This initial discussion is dedicated to getting acquainted and creating a foundation of classroom community for the weeks ahead. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for you to connect with classmates who may eventually serve as part of your professional learning network beyond your degree program. With these factors in mind, please do not view your introduction as a routine beginning of the class task.

    Instead, view it as an opportunity to develop a support system with your peers and your instructor for the next six weeks and beyond. Remember that the use of technology is an integral part of your preparation for a profession in education and is a large component of this course. Complete an initial post that addresses the three parts explained below.

    Part 1. Introduce yourself. In a few paragraphs: State your name and at least one professional goal. Explain how the MAED program has supported you toward achieving the professional goal you listed. Reflect on the most influential design and development challenges you faced in coursework as part of the MAED Program. At a minimum, please share the following: What was the challenge you experienced? How did you overcome it?

    How did the experience sharpen your knowledge and/or skill in teaching and learning? Share one quote that symbolizes your belief about Framework for 21st Century Learning or Common Core State Standards. Be sure to cite the source of your quote according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Part 2. Sign Up For Pathbrite AccountSign up for a Pathbrite account. For instructions on how to set up your account and create an ePortfolio, read the Pathbrite User Guide.

    Upload your media-rich introduction from Part 1 of this discussion to your ePortfolio.Post a link to your ePortfolio in this discussion as part of your initial post. Part 3. Reflect on Experience In the body of your discussion post, in addition to the link to your ePortfolio, include a brief reflection about your experiences setting up the ePortfolio. Did you experience any difficulties? If yes, describe what those were and how you overcame them. Additionally, in this reflection portion of the initial post, discuss how you could use an ePortfolio in current or future practices. Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.

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