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Thesis for peer review: **Breastfeeding is/is not better for

    Thesis for peer review: **Breastfeeding is/is not better for mothers and children**….Because good writing is always a process, our persuasive essay willbe written in two parts: a first draft due this week and a final draftdue in week 6. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length. As you prepare, here are a few reminders for this week’s draft:In week 3 you posted a thesis for peer review. Use the revisedthesis, based on your classmates’ and teacher’s feedback as the basisfor your persuasive paper. Use your sources to support your thesis. Research and prepare thepassages you will consider using. Remember to review methods ofparaphrasing, summarizing, and using direct quotations.Prepare the body paragraphs by deciding where to place supportinginformation. Remember, each paragraph of the paper should act to buildthe momentum of the argument. Apply pathos, logos, and ethos whenever possible.Finally, remember that it’s okay if your ideas, opinions, or sourceschange during process of writing this paper. Writing makes us think,and it’s fine – even beneficial – to have our thoughts change as weexpress them on paper……****sources should not be older than 2015****

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