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these IA assignments need to demonstrate thefollowing skills

    these IA assignments need to demonstrate thefollowing skills: strong reading comprehension, concise/accurate analysis ofwhat the authors are saying, synthesis of multiple authors’ opinions andideas (on a range of topics), connecting common denominators between the works(this is huge), construction of opinionated thesis/claim statements in thirdperson voice, Aristotle’s three forms of appeal, and a clear understanding ofToulmin’s elements of argument (the language of these six elements should guideyour discussion and analysis of what the authors are saying (Toulmin elementsare: claim, grounds, warrant, backing, qualifiers, rebuttals). It is notnecessary to approach the Toulmin elements with an exhaustive “list mentality”for every essay in the set, as though you need to thoroughly address all sixelements for every essay, BUT the general language of your discussions shouldconsist of frequent references to the most prominent elements in anaturally-flowing way (i.e. the various authors’ “claims” should always benamed)!: First, read Thomas More’s 16th century work, Utopia (631), and Walter Stace’s 20th century philosophical essay titled “Is Determinism Inconsistent with Free Will?” (690); then, for each IA you write in module 1, be sure to include/add one or both of these to each grouping of readings in module 1 as you see fit—based upon your own personal insights regarding the other works in the set. The only catch: be sure to use More’s and Stace’s works at least once between IA 1, 2, and 3 (this simply means that one of the two works may be used twice). IA # 1 (Private and Public Life) – Parramore (24); Shemtob and Lat (62); Edmond (131); Ephron (173)IA # 2 (Guns and/or the 2nd Amendment) – Wilson (126); Kristof (188); Cronin (202); Jefferson (651) IA # 3 (Race and/or Racial Stereotypes) – Fish (116); Raya (122); Takaki (124); King (658) I have attached reading for each essay.Each essay must be MLA format, 1-2 complete pagesplease type and save each essay in different documents ( save each witht he titles given above)

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