These following article includes a wealth of information about news media. Read and analyze only three of the following articles. write a summery/response. For each, write a word count ranging from 250 minimum – 350 maximum; this averages a total ranging from 750 – 1050 word count.Newspapers: Fact SheetCable News: Fact SheetLocal TV News: Fact SheetNetwork News: Fact SheetDigital News Audience: Fact SheetDigital News Revenue: Fact SheetIn your original response, consider the following:Introduction Summary point one (Pathways to News); agree/disagree, whySummary point two (Trust and Accuracy); agree/disagree, whySummary point three (Loyalty and Source Attention); agree/disagree, whyConclusionFont size: 11 pt. or 12 pt.Single-spaced, no more than four sentences per paragraph, 1 spacing line to separate paragraphsFont options: Times New Roman.

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