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These are the instructions, if you can help write it for me

    These are the instructions, if you can help write it for me I’d appreciate it. The term paper is to be on a topic of your choice as long as you can relate it to the geology of California or howsociety has been impacted by the evolution of geologic theories or how society has been affected by a geologicprocess. Societal impact can include topics such as discovery of gold, petroleum and other resources or howgeological hazards affect communities. The class size is large so for that reason the papers are to be no less thantwo and no more than five pages, double spaced. Since the papers are short, I urge you to give thought to them andto cite references (bibliography is NOT considered as part of the 5 pages of text). Consider writing in a memo, oreditorial format if you wish or use your favorite formal academic or professional format. I am really interested in yourideas and thoughts and how you incorporate legitimate authoritative sources to substantiate your ideas and thoughts.Approach this assignment seriously because short papers can be more difficult than you think and the graders will beunforgiving.

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