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There are many ways to address global health challenges. Lis

    There are many ways to address global health challenges. List 3 ways the United States can address global health challenges and which do you think would be most effective? In your response you may want to consider how this would affect your area of discipline and how other countries are addressing global health.Labonté, R, & Schrecker, T. (2007). Globalization and social determinants of health: the role of the global marketplace (part 2 of 3). Globalization and Health, 3(6), 1-17. Retrieved from…Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (2015). CDC Global Health Partnerships. (2015). US Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved May 2, 2017 from Health Organization. (2017). Global Health Observatory. Retrieve from ExpectationsNOT LESS THAN 1 PAGETHERE SHOULD BE INTEXT CITATATION

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